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About Range Roamer Golf

The idea for Range Roamer started when a friend's golf course was shut down for renovations. They bought a TrackMan to keep members golfing; it was a huge success for the club. Typically, the average golfer only experiences TrackMan either on television, by watching shot tracer at PGA Tour events, or at a club fitting. We wondered what would happen if you brought TrackMan to the golfers, instead of waiting for the golfers to come to TrackMan? The thought of providing the very best radar technology, at the courses of the everyday golfer, seemed like something the game needed. 


Range Roamer is what it set out to be: any interested golfer can see what range we are going to next and set up a session time, if it is a convenient location for them.  If we haven't made it to their range yet, they can request a visit and we will coordinate with the course to schedule a trip.  We hope our list of courses on our Range Manifest grows ever longer, so more and more golfers can experience TrackMan and reap the benefits of its technology.  See you on the range!      

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