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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is TrackMan? 

The Trackman 4 has an accuracy of 1.5 feet or 1/2 a yard at 160 yards.  

Why choose TrackMan over other launch monitors? 

All major stakeholders in the game trust TrackMan without exception.  TrackMan is the most accurate and powerful launch monitor ever built, thanks to dual doppler - one to measure the club, the other to measure the ball - allowing the most comprehensive tracking and game enhancement features on the market.


Are you at the Range all day?

I will not necessarily be at the Range all day.  I make myself available to be there from 9-7 M-ST, and 1-7 SU.  To assure you have the time schedule you want and to assure that I am there at that time, it is best to book on the website or contact me at least a day in advance.  

Range balls are different than premium golf balls, why trust the numbers when using inferior balls on the range?  

TrackMan has a normalization feature, which takes the type of ball, elevation, and weather conditions you are experiencing and calculates them into "normal" conditions.  Thus, it can calculate how far you would be hitting a premium ball even though you might be hitting a restricted flight ball.

Do I need to buy my own range balls? 

No, we believe since you are already paying for our services, we should be able to provide the golf balls for your session.  The only exception to this is if you are someone who hits a lot of golf balls (more than a large bucket in an hour), you might want to buy a few extra of your own to beat. 

Do you allow groups to book?  

Yes we allow groups to book.  The bookings are for time slots, so once the time slot is booked by one of your party, anyone in your party may use it during that time. 


How many TrackMans do you currently have for rental? 

We currently only have 1 TrackMan to rent but we will work as quickly as possible to get to a second.  

How far will you travel for business? 

Theoretically, we want to be able to travel anywhere so as to make TrackMan available to all.  However, realistically, until we can come up with viable solutions, we will probably be restricted to within a day's drive.

What about green fees for the on course practice session? 

We will not cover the green fees for on course practice.  While it is an expensive option to book, we expect that most players who would like to use this session will either be playing in a tournament at the course (and will pay for a practice round) or are a member at the course we are at. 

Are you willing to come to a privately owned, indoor or outdoor facility...i.e. home hitting areas, office events.  

Range Roamer's mission is to make TrackMan accessible - if that means at your home or office so be it.  Contact us to discuss options and arrange scheduling. 

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