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Our Policies

Dress Code: Please adhere to the dress code of the course we are visiting.

Your Time: Your session begins and ends as scheduled, whether you are present or not.  We recommend arriving 5 minutes early so you can use your full time allotted.  To make sure we get through all your numbers on time, your actual hitting time will end a few minutes before the end of your session.  

Range Balls: Range balls for our services will be provided for you, but if you are a ball beater, you might want to buy a few of your own just in case.

Rain Check Policy: If your session is canceled, due to inclement weather, before your allotted time you may choose to receive a full refund or apply the value to another range visit.  If inclement weather arises during your session, a refund will be given based on the time remaining.  

Refund/Cancelation Policy: A full refund will be given to anyone canceling their session up to 24 hours from their session. If Range Roamer Golf has to cancel at any point, you will receive a full refund. *A history of three or more cancelations will result in a reduced refund status.

Etiquette Policy: We believe golf to be a gentlemens'/ladies' game.  We expect our customers to exhibit the attributes of a respectful person who is privileged to use a TrackMan.  Please refrain from crude and unsportsmanlike behavior, excessive cursing, and non-sobriety while working with us.  We will do the same for you.  If you exhibit behavior that goes against this policy, you might, after an initial warning, be asked to leave.


Damaged Equipment: The TrackMan 4 we are blessed to have is a valuable piece of equipment and is not easily replaced.  If a customer happens to damage, whether by accident or on purpose, the TrackMan, they will be responsible and expected to pay for damages.  Please do your very best to remain controlled and focused during your time with us so the TrackMan will be available to the customers after you, and for you later down the road.  

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