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Our Process


Check in under the Range Roamer tent; we will have range balls ready for you. Discuss with Ian and/or Ashley how you would like to spend your time with TrackMan. *See the TrackMan tabs for some of the various functions.

Set Up

The TrackMan will be set up for your use.  If you change between different functions on TrackMan (i.e. from range to putting), we will be there to make sure it is set up properly each and every time.  

TrackMan Time

The time is yours with your own personal TrackMan - Use it to suit your needs and have a great time learning more about your golf game! We will explain any of the parameters TrackMan measures.


About 5 minutes before your time is through, we will stop to go over your numbers with you.  If you did not already pay when you booked, we will collect payment at this time. We will also welcome recommendations and share our upcoming schedule. 

Your Data

Our promise: any data requested from your session will be emailed to you by no later than 10 pm.  If you have questions about your data feel free to email us anytime. 

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