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A Different Kind of Coach

Learning to SCORE

You've heard the phrase, "Play golf, not golf swing".  Unfortunately, most golfers play golf swing, not golf.  Range Roamer Golf is here to change that. 


Using TrackMan, sound golfing knowledge, and data created by some of the best course management coaches in the world (like DECADE GOLF), I will get you scoring better now, without needing to adjust your swing.  

Once you learn how to play/score, golf will become more enjoyable, and swing work will become far less stressful for your ultimate golfing goals.  

Step 1: Obtain Shot Patterns with ALL Clubs in Your Bag

Step 2: Learn How to Apply Shot Patterns on the Golf Course

Step 3: On-Course (or TrackMan) Training of Shot Patterns

Step 4: Putting (4 parts)

Step 5: Chipping (3 parts)

Step 6: More Course Management

Step 7: Expectation Management

Step 8: Fine-Tuning with TrackMan Tests and Analysis

PowerPoint available with an in-depth description.  Please Contact for a copy.   

Package Deals

Choose your route to better scoring with any of these Package offers!  Contact Ian directly to book your package.    

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