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Tournament Services

Range Roamer Golf is thrilled to provide a unique service to your local golf tournament!  Bring the same technology the PGA Tour uses for their shot tracking to your competition.  Participants will be able to see their shots like never before, and compete in new skill challenges that other tournaments won't be able to provide.  Finally, each participant will be able to receive club and ball data from their shot(s) in the competition, allowing them to have valuable data for themselves and/or their swing instructor.  Bring Range Roamer Golf to your tournament to create lasting value and memories to your players!  

RRG Events for Your Tournament

  • Long Drive Carry

  • Group Avg. Drive

  • Group Total Drive Distance

  • Straightest Shot

  • Closest to The Pin

  • Closest to The Middle Drive 

  • Dispersion Contest 

  • Distance Control 

  • Shot Shaping Challenge 

  • Speed Control Putting 



$500 Flat Rate

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