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Understanding TrackMan


What All Does Trackman Do?

The TrackMan 4 has the ability to track 27 different components of impact and ball flight on every shot.  Components of note include: smash factor, club speed, spin rate, launch angle, attack angle, face angle, club path, ball speed, as well as everyone's favorite...carry distance!  

However, TrackMan does so much more than just spit out numbers. Other functions include: 

  • Tracy: AI technology built to provide player specific recommendations on their practice or swing based on their swing data.  

  • Impact Location Feature: Shows you where you are hitting the ball on the club face.  Center Strikes = faster balls speeds, better consistency.  

  • Putting Lab: Analyze your putting, just like your swing. 

  • TrackMan Test Center: Create a personalized test for your golf game and see how in shape your game is.  

  • TrackMan Combine: challenge yourself against the best pros and see how well you can play the test!

  • TrackMan Golf Simulator:  A Trackman is in itself half of an indoor golf simulator.  At this time, we can offer an outdoor simulator experience were you play a course on our computer screen, but we do not possess the capability to provide an indoor simulator option.  We hope to do so in the future.  

  • Multi-Camera Recordings Option: TrackMan can process and show multiple camera recordings all at once.  

  • The Optimizer: A tool used to show you the potential of any shot and what you should work on to get "optimized".   This is the tool club fitters use to fit clubs to you.   

  • Compare Swings Feature: Compare your swing with a previous one, against someone else, or even against the pros.  


What the Pros Say:

Word cloud.jpg

If you were wondering how big a deal TrackMan is, just think about the number Trackman GIolf gives for the number of Tour Players trusting its technology...350!!

  • "I use it at home with my instructor Cameron...we do use it to get numbers, also to see spin rates, and where the club path is, and to see if we can work every shot off of it, I think it is extremely useful." J. Spieth

  • "I try to fly the ball a certain yardage, and TrackMan is very effective for that." P. Mickelson

  • "Working with the TrackMan has helped me understand why the golf ball is doing what it is doing." J. Dufner

  • "For me, it is about making sure I am efficient on the practice ground."  "I need to be precise and that what this machine is." I. Poulter

  • "The beauty of TrackMan is that it is empirical data, you now, it is scientific fact." K. Streelman

All quotes came from TrackMan Golf References 

Learn More at TrackMan's Website

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