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Customer Use Suggestions

Warm-up Use:

Use the 30 minute TrackMan session for a unique warm-up before your round. Learn your predominant shot shape and yardages for the day, play a few quick holes on a virtual course, or compete in a TrackMan test.  

Fun and Games:

With all the games provided by TrackMan, you can have a similar experience to TopGolf right on your home range. Play capture the flag, hit to targets, or swing for the fence and hit it as far as you can. There is a lot of fun to be had on the TrackMan.  

Virtual Golf:

Play any of a large selection of virtual golf courses right on your home range. To name a few, we bring world renowned St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, Muirfield Village, and PGA National, to you. For a complete list of courses view this link:

Know Your Numbers:

TrackMan can calculate your carry averages with any and every club in your bag. Historically, we recommend booking a total of an hour and a half to comfortably measure your entire set.

Take Your Numbers a Step Further!: 

Knowing your dispersion patterns with each club is actually more vital than just knowing average carry.  By knowing your dispersion, you can play to hit more greens, and therefore lower your scores almost instantly.  TrackMan shows you these dispersion patterns in an easy to see graphic display.  

Swing Work:

Use TrackMan to look into various facets of your swing and see the progress of your adjustments in every swing.  Feel free to bring your golf instructor along for a full lesson. 

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